Student debtor stories submitted by the 99%


In the vein of “We are the 99 Percent”, please submit a picture which shows how much you originally borrowed for school ($xxxxx) versus how much you owe now ($xxxxx).

It can be a bill, handwritten, or preferably, shown on a sign held in your hands.

If you know how much you’ve paid so far, or your interest rate, PLEASE add them!

Moreover, if your loans are private and through a lender such as Sallie Mae or Citibank, feel free to name them.

Please be concise, if possible! 

Take these signs to any Occupy events you attend, and please get involved online and off in the movement for student debt reform!

Submissions are moderated. If you don’t see your photo, don’t worry - it’s in the queue and will come up soon!

To switch between a text post and a photo post, please click the scroll button next to the submission type to choose from the menu.